Definition of burnished brass in English:

burnished brass


  • A European moth that has green to gold wing patches with a metallic lustre.

    Genus Diachrisia, family Noctuidae: several species

    • ‘Old St Paul's Cathedral is painted white on the outside like an English parish church, and inside burnished brass plates remember secretaries of the choir, city councillors and vicars.’
    • ‘The sky in the east gleams like burnished brass gilding the wavelets on Phoenix Bay.’
    • ‘The handrails are of burnished brass, and rest upon polished oak tracks, which, with the iron work, are painted with the utmost skill and elegance.’
    • ‘Metal and wood gleamed in the light: burnished brass on fixtures and valve and linkage rods, lamp-black iron pipes clustered around the recumbent bulk of the boiler, the reflective oiled surface of the milled-steel piston shafts.’