Definition of burner in English:



  • 1A person or thing that burns.

    in combination ‘uphill walking is a great calorie-burner’
    • ‘As efficient calorie burners go, running pretty much dominates the scene, and running in the right shoes keeps your legs healthy and your exercise program on track.’
    • ‘The Council has decided that the cause of pollution it is going to target is the smoke emitted from open fires and log burners, and are considering introducing a ban on these except for more recently made log burners which are less polluting.’
    • ‘Digging and shoveling are big calorie burners (250 to 350 calories per half-hour).’
    • ‘Though the USA remains the number one fuel burner.’
    • ‘As I've posted before, I don't support flag burning or flag burners.’
    • ‘Last year, it started selling fuel pellets made from waste wood and sawdust, designed to be burned in home fires and log burners.’
    • ‘Generally described, the dual air-current burner consists of two cylindrical tubes of different diameters and different lengths.’
    • ‘We replaced this with a war surplus, gasoline burner, field-type, autoclave for approximately $45.’
    • ‘The only interruption to your peaceful flight is the occasional blast of heat from the burners, which burn LPG at a rate of 1-1.5 litres per minute, depending on conditions.’
    • ‘The collection includes blended body oils, exfoliating body scrub, hydrating body lotions, and aromatherapy burners, aromatherapy blended essential oils, sumptuous robes and slippers.’
    • ‘In the 1980s and 1990s, development first focused on design of burners and spray guns suitable for spray powders available at the time.’
    • ‘An elderly Chinese man was burning dozens of papers in a shaded burner.’
    • ‘Very aerobic-biassed, I guess, but at least they are all calorie burners, so they would have got rid of the remnants of the cake we ate at Trevor and Jon's this evening.’
    • ‘When fed to the burners and burned off in the boiler, the clean flame generates a flame, giving a higher efficiency than is the case at present.’
    • ‘‘Jumping rope is one of the highest calorie burners,’ Kleinberg says.’
    1. 1.1 A part of a cooker, lamp, etc. that emits a flame.
      with modifier ‘the hob has four gas burners’
      • ‘He was cooking out of this double burner in the Palmer House.’
      • ‘He lit the burner and the fire became at once flames reflected in the window's three panes: smell of sulphur.’
      • ‘The cooker automatically cuts off the gas supply if the burner is accidentally extinguished.’
      • ‘Electric burners usually burn off food spilled on them.’
      • ‘Bending at the waist, she peers beneath the pot, adjusting the burner's blue flame.’
      • ‘The blue flames of all four burners on the stainless steel hearth are flicked to high.’
      • ‘The burners on a gas stove are all the same size, but they can vary in the amount of heat or BTU's that each one puts out.’
      • ‘Mismatched mirrors on opposite walls reflected one another, and a coffee maker burned coffee on its burner.’
      • ‘Start up another burner on medium-high heat with a skillet or omelet pan.’
      • ‘You know if there is one thing I have learned in running this blog it is never for any reason leave lemons in the burner of a lit gas stove.’
      • ‘Noise was coming from the kitchen, and the sound of a burner being lit intruded loudly onto the silence.’
      • ‘Thirteen of us working for five hours in a closed kitchen with molten sugar, hot burners, and open flames.’
      • ‘On the weekend, I learn to light burners and oven.’
      • ‘A professional unit with more than four burners may be good for people who cook frequently or who often cook many things at once.’
      • ‘Versatile and durable, the range includes eight burners, four cast-iron full-surface grates, and a griddle accessory.’
      • ‘He had put a wire gauze on top of the burner before turning the gas on.’
      • ‘Mallory took charge quickly, striking a match and holding it near the base of the burner where the gas slowly leaked out.’
      • ‘The older woman quickly turned put the pan back on the burner and shut the flame off.’
      • ‘Note that with fuel-fired systems, equipment is often simplified, eliminating a redundant second burner and venting system.’
      • ‘The four burner plus grill cook top does not have the usual downdraft exhaust fan for eliminating food odors.’
    2. 1.2 An apparatus in which a substance is heated.
      with modifier ‘the figures carried small incense burners’
      • ‘Notwithstanding their low cost, coal stations could be improved further by new techniques such as burners fed by coal gas, generated by multi-fluidised bed gasifiers.’
      • ‘The main burner can produce 13,500 BTUs, and the smaller auxiliary burner generates 11,000 BTUs.’
      • ‘Always interested in the animal mysteries of China, Texier has created bronzes similar to ancient Chinese sculptures, where hippos or oxen carry incense burners on their back.’
      • ‘Then they are siphoned off into a secondary burner where they are heated to 1,000 degrees, and in that process are destroyed.’
      • ‘For a uniform ‘flame finish,’ granite is first polished normally, then spalled with a large oxyacetylene burner.’
      • ‘If the burners have yellow flames or yellow in the tips of the flames, more air and clean burners produces blue flames.’
      • ‘It is a knock for those trying to encourage clean air policies and switch from open fires and log burners to electricity.’
      • ‘Other bays are brightened by an astonishing number of silver candlesticks, incense burners and vessels.’
      • ‘When the first kernels pop, cover the pot and shake it across the burner so the kernels don't burn.’
      • ‘Gas burners and grates may be removed for cleaning.’
      • ‘If you have an electric storage water heater in a tight space and want to convert it to gas, you can use an add-on burner for the electric tank.’
      • ‘He had dimmed the lights and lit some calming incense burners.’
      • ‘I lit two orange candles and blessed them and also lit an energy incense in my incense burner.’
      • ‘According to Bunn the product has been extensively tested locally and internationally in open flame burners, under laboratory conditions.’
      • ‘The ceramic work of Lee Jeong Do reinterpreted such items as pen rests, incense burners, brush hangers and ink stones.’
      • ‘You could also use incense or burn essential oils in a purpose-made burner.’
      • ‘The café is smart, and the shops sells every item which can conceivably be lavender scented - from soaps and candles to incense burners and perfumes.’
      • ‘The engines had to be heated by four large burners to unfreeze the oil before they could start.’
      • ‘Medium range burners and gas cooking appliances with food warmers in three basic models have been introduced.’
      • ‘On Koran stands, carpets, book covers and kaftans, from painted miniatures to intricate incense burners, the entire show is crowded with figures.’
    3. 1.3North American The heating element of an electric cooker.
      • ‘Some units have electric burners with adjustable controls.’
      • ‘The sauciers worked on a continuous flat electric burner the size of my kitchen counter.’
      • ‘I needed drawers, and two electric burners that were safe when you switched them off.’
      • ‘Coruscating Cinnamon Granules is a looped, silent black-and-white film of cinnamon bits flaring as they fall on an electric burner in a darkened room.’
      • ‘The higher-order grills boast more heating capacity and a larger cooking surface, though all have core features such as electronic ignition and side burners.’
      • ‘A good example is a pot that's warmed because it's sitting on top of an electric stove's burner.’
      • ‘With electric cook tops, there are a number of new types of burners on the market: solid disk elements, radiant elements under glass, halogen elements, and induction elements.’
      • ‘A heavy-duty motorized steel rotisserie is built right into the unit, and it has its own vertical infrared burner that evenly cooks a whole leg of lamb or several whole chickens.’
      • ‘So, I set the metal shot glass on the burner of the electric stove on low heat.’
  • 2A device for producing a CD or DVD by copying from an original or master copy.

    • ‘By the same token, even an 8x DVD burner cannot match the burn speeds of dedicated CD burners.’
    • ‘This would also be a small test on the drive's ability to read a data CD burned from another burner.’
    • ‘Home/business users will want both a DVD-ROM drive and a CD burner, and possibly a DVD burner.’
    • ‘I am using a duplicator with a professional setup, rather than burning the DVDs myself on an Office Depot burner.’
    • ‘Since most DVD burners can read and burn CDs, it's best to make a backup CD to protect your valuable shots.’
    • ‘It was pretty, but also slow and notably devoid of drivers for CD-ROM burners, DVD players and other peripherals essential to the modern desktop computing experience.’
    • ‘A home DVD burner like this one can only burn so much info to a DVD.’
    • ‘We have a spin with a DVD burner that burns up to 8x for DVDs and is cheap to boot.’
    • ‘I found a 32x (!) burner for less than $80, installed it, and tested it.’
    • ‘The design for the PC's various components are in flux, with hard drives, DVD burners, video cards, memory and motherboards all being reworked.’
  • 3North American informal A cheap mobile phone paid for in advance.

    ‘he bought a burner to get in touch with Shapiro’
    ‘one national security reporter suggested using burner phones’
    • ‘Perhaps the best use of mail is simply to send the reporter a phone pre-programmed to only call your burner.’
    • ‘Fraudsters are seldom caught, because they are often from out of town and are using burner phones and generic email addresses.’
    • ‘He's been attempting to overturn the conviction because the police tracked his burner phone to a Texas rest stop.’
    • ‘Security experts explain that research underway would make it easier to trace a burner phone.’
    • ‘They try to set up traces for the calls, but burner phones don't make that possible.’
    • ‘He described using burner pay-as-you-go phones, that were destroyed after a few months to ensure their use could not be traced.’
    • ‘For guaranteed security, the burner phone should only be used once.’
    • ‘But I did the first year here without things like new clothes, I was living out of suitcase and had a burner cell phone.’
    • ‘The only truly anonymous call is between people using two burner phones.’
    • ‘He's running operations from the Ivory Coast, where he switches out cellphones and burners to make tracing nearly impossible.’


  • on the back burner

    • Having low priority.

      ‘he wants the matter to be put on the back burner’
      • ‘For the moment I'm going to have to shove the whole question on the back burner and stop thinking about it.’
      • ‘But they've put that on the back burner and use their voice to spew political rhetoric and propaganda.’
      • ‘Other contentious issues may well keep the proposed law on the back burner during the current session as well.’
      • ‘These projects were kept on the back burner to avoid inconvenience to citizens, especially in traffic flow.’
      • ‘First, I would put my writing on the back burner until I became well established in science.’
      • ‘For too long the problems of our rural communities have been put on the back burner, and thought insoluble.’
      • ‘Singapore has reciprocated by putting several disputes on the back burner.’
      • ‘The budget negotiations, which were meant to dominate this month's European summit, will now be placed on the back burner.’
      • ‘He went on to say that he had absolutely no doubt that the issue would have been put on the back burner by the Government without the campaign.’
      • ‘The drive to end discrimination in education had been put on the back burner during World War II.’