Definition of burnable in English:



  • Consisting or made of material that is able to be burned or is suitable for burning.

    ‘in 2000 Switzerland closed all of its landfills to burnable waste’
    • ‘Each Monday morning he would rise half an hour early, winter and summer, make his way across the cobbled yard and carry with him a handful of kindling, a box of burnable rubbish and a bucketful of slack coal.’
    • ‘The firestorm raged for about 3 hours and only subsided when all burnable material was consumed.’
    • ‘It consumed everything that was burnable, leaving behind only molten metal and frames of vehicles.’
    • ‘In order to convert soft powdery coal dust into a solid burnable unit, a special binding agent had to be developed.’
    • ‘If you become encircled and trapped by the fire, look for shelter in a body of water, amongst rocks, or a natural depression in the ground, void of burnable materials, in which to lie in.’
    • ‘General household waste is collected once a week but it must be separated into burnable and non-burnable items.’
    • ‘Burnable garbage is comprised of things like pieces of paper, old clothes, and cut hair.’
    • ‘People put out their trash, always conscientiously divided into burnable and not burnable, in an orderly way at the points indicated on the streets.’
    • ‘After sufficient burnable material accumulates in and upon the soil, a hot fire can occur.’
    • ‘Gather several plastic bottles and boxes made from cardboard or other sturdy, burnable material.’
    • ‘The incinerators have also created a market for the purchase of burnable waste from industry.’
    • ‘Everything burnable was begged, collected, dragged, piled up and then guarded night and day.’
    inflammable, combustible, incendiary, unstable
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