Definition of burn the midnight oil in English:

burn the midnight oil


  • Read or work late into the night.

    • ‘I collected all details about the software, and burnt the midnight oil to evolve ‘Mastermind’, which works on logic and illusion,’ he explains.’
    • ‘I was burning the midnight oil yesterday night to finish this.’
    • ‘This is a community recreation center, complete with television and even a computer room where just a year ago people would be burning the midnight oil, literally, reading and writing.’
    • ‘If they burnt the midnight oil, it is certainly for a great cause, he says.’
    • ‘Although this is a little daunting at first blush, it's exciting, too, because there are a finite number of these jobs that we're responsible for and, if we get enough of them now, we might not be burning the midnight oil around the holidays.’
    • ‘They were burning the midnight oil last night, the engineers going over this captured data.’
    • ‘The City Police have burnt the midnight oil to study the FIRs (First Information Reports) of various accidents in the city in the recent past and selected the spots where accidents are frequent and fatal.’
    • ‘So, I burned the midnight oil to finish this last night.’
    • ‘Certainly they have worked hard to sort out the mess but at their rate of pay they'd want to be burning the midnight oil every night.’
    • ‘However, she may decide to burn the midnight oil with some more reading.’