Definition of burn someone up in English:

burn someone up

phrasal verb

North American
  • Make someone very angry.

    • ‘Does it burn you up that you have to pay a $100 fee just to reschedule your flight, while the airline owes you nothing if they're the ones who make a schedule change?’
    • ‘Censorship burns me up, and I wish that anime distributors were required to state up front that the content has been censored.’
    • ‘I hate him for what he put you through when we were kids, and for him to kidnap you and hurt you again… it burns me up!’
    • ‘Nothing burns me up more than to see a rich, white, educated defendant walk out of the courthouse on bail when a minority defendant who did the same thing is under the jail.’
    • ‘It burns me up to figure that I spent nearly $300 buying the entire Police Quest series when I could have waited and got all of them for $50.’
    • ‘But anyway, that kind of thing burned me up.’
    • ‘Rather dumbfounded, I said, ‘What burns you up?’’
    • ‘It burns you up that I march through life with laughter in my heart!’
    • ‘During this election season, it burns me up that Republicans and Democrats can't talk about poverty here in the U.S. and shrinking government services to the poor.’
    • ‘But then there are other women in the group who… burn me up.’