Definition of burn someone in effigy in English:

burn someone in effigy


  • Burn a model of a person as a protest.

    ‘the minister was burned in effigy’
    • ‘He was burned in effigy outside one English pub and spent most of the following season enduring vilification from crowds at league grounds up and down the country.’
    • ‘Figures representing the Mexican and US presidents were burned in effigy.’
    • ‘As colonists' anger over the Stamp Act built, a tax official was burned in effigy from the limbs of an elm estimated to be 120 years old.’
    • ‘Guy Fawkes, as you probably already know, is the 17th century Roman Catholic who still gets burned in effigy all over England each and every autumn.’
    • ‘In 1793 Tom Paine, the English author of the Rights of Man, which sought to justify the French Revolution, was burned in effigy in the Market Place.’