Definition of burn (North American also lay) rubber in English:

burn (North American also lay) rubber


  • Drive very quickly.

    • ‘But now, we real men are denied by speed cameras our right to burn rubber outside school gates and sheltered accommodation.’
    • ‘And, he's proud to tell you, it takes more than a lead foot to burn rubber at 155 mph for a quarter-mile.’
    • ‘So no matter the size of your income, you wouldn't be able to hustle the kids into the Ferrari and burn rubber for Queen Margrethe's birthday party.’
    • ‘After breakfast we once more took to the highway and burned rubber along the Route du Soleil.’
    • ‘Fame and adulation follows Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi wherever they tread foot let alone burn rubber.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, on July 9 speed demons will have the chance to burn rubber at the Hullavington Ministry of Defence Airfield.’
    • ‘She and her car Miss Attitude burn rubber down the strip at 75 to 80 mph.’
    • ‘On a madcap lap of the planet, Ewan McGregor and his wingman, Charley Boorman, burned rubber for 20,000 bumpy miles’
    • ‘Those who only want to spectate bring their video cameras to film girls that pass by and cars as they're burning rubber.’
    • ‘Then I'm gonna burn rubber down at the old folks home racing the grumpy OAP's on their electric, pavement hogging, shopping carts.’