Definition of burial ground in English:

burial ground


  • An area of ground set aside for the burying of human bodies.

    • ‘The higgledy-piggledy cemetery is testimony to a time when Jews, denied a larger burial ground, were forced to inter their dead up to twelve deep.’
    • ‘The chapel's hilltop position in the village graveyard has prompted objections on the grounds that its use as a home would harm the ambience of the burial ground.’
    • ‘Her remains were interred in the family burial ground in Calvary Cemetery.’
    • ‘The burial ground of some of the area's leading historical figures is regularly the scene of attacks.’
    • ‘There's a fine distinction between a burial ground and a graveyard, the former needing a few years to grow into the other.’
    • ‘The parish council identified a piece of land on the other side of the road to the churchyard as suitable for a burial ground and agreed to write to the landowner to see if he would sell.’
    • ‘Later, between 5000 and 2000 BC, the area was mainly used as a burial ground.’
    • ‘Young men wrap the corpse in grass mats, carry it out to the burial ground, and bury it.’
    • ‘When it was converted to a burial ground many of the leading and old families of the area were buried there, poor and rich alike.’
    • ‘Jesus' body was brought to a private burial ground, not a public cemetery.’
    • ‘It was decided to erect a suitably secure railed-off area on where the burial ground is situated.’
    • ‘The remains of a second child who could have been a human sacrifice have been unearthed in an ancient burial ground in the Yorkshire Dales.’
    • ‘The recent addition of seats placed around the burial ground provides a facility for visitors to sit in quiet meditation, and is a lovely idea.’
    • ‘A service is held at the mosque before the body is taken to the burial ground.’
    • ‘Little is known about the cemeteries although a large burial ground lies to the north and military tombstones have been found at Wotton.’
    • ‘An additional burial ground at Kettlewell Church was consecrated.’
    • ‘The final stretch of wall runs on past the Cholera burial ground opposite the Royal York Hotel and on to Barker Tower on the banks of the River Ouse at Lendal Bridge.’
    • ‘You see why a church hemmed in like this put its burial ground out in the empty fields beyond what would become Russell Square.’
    • ‘The burial ground of Darwen's first Primitive Methodist Church was built in Redearth Road in the 1800s.’
    • ‘Following Requiem Mass on the next day, Joey's remains were interred in the family burial ground in the old graveyard.’
    graveyard, churchyard, burial place, burying place, burying ground, garden of remembrance
    cemetery, graveyard, churchyard, necropolis, burial place, burying place, burying ground, garden of remembrance
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burial ground