Definition of Burgundian in English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of Burgundy.

    • ‘The whole experience was quintessentially Burgundian: the front row view of different vineyard plots, each subtly and fascinatingly distinct; the fickle climate; and the charm of the Burgundians themselves.’
    • ‘Waggett's qualities - innocent, decent, not too clever - would have chimed perfectly among the Burgundians of Passport to Pimlico (in which Radford also appeared).’
    • ‘Many Burgundians will tell you about the weather problems and about a problem with the soils.’
    • ‘1988 Williams Selyem ‘Rochioli’ Pinot Noir: That sound you hear is Burgundians crying.’
    • ‘We believe that the Burgundians, with their great respect for the power of the symbolic, were on to something.’
    • ‘Everyone there is growing or raising something to eat or drink, and when the Burgundians aren't at work they're eating and drinking what they grew and raised.’
    • ‘Just as the trade starts to recover from the Christmas and New Year rush, the Burgundians arrive with barrel samples of the new vintage.’
    • ‘The immediate consequence of this single varietal stance by Burgundians is the problem of a bad vintage.’
    • ‘Above all a good barrel, as one Burgundian told me tartly, is one that doesn't leak.’
    • ‘Price drops are income drops and Burgundians will have to be weaned off over a year or two.’
    • ‘And it's just because we are English that we're sticking up for our right to be Burgundians!’
    • ‘As a result, some small growers have been galvanised into action and are now emulating the Burgundians.’
    1. 1.1historical A member of a Germanic people that invaded Gaul from the east and established the kingdom of Burgundy in the 5th century AD.
      • ‘We also took a day trip to Rouen, Normandy where Joan of Arc was burned - not by the English but by the Burgundians, who then had a separate nation and were allied with the English.’
      • ‘If you are not familiar with this period in history or if you have never heard of Joan of Arc, the game's basic premise has French forces pitted in a war to defend their country from the English and Burgundians, who have laid claim to it.’
      • ‘Nor is there any evidence that, like Jesus, she had been forewarned of her betrayal into the hands of the vengeful English and Burgundians, abetted by the territorial church, but went anyway to Compiegne.’
      • ‘France did not emerge as a permanently unified state until the ejection of the English and the Burgundians at the end of the Middle Ages.’
      • ‘For centuries their land was invaded and occupied by different groups, including the Romans, French, Burgundians, Spanish, Austrian, and Germans.’


  • Relating to Burgundy or the Burgundians.

    • ‘This is expensive but very interesting, and anybody wanting to taste a wine that has Burgundian complexity from the New World should search this one out.’
    • ‘Continue round Dijon (still making for Lyons) for more vineyards - Burgundian, this time.’
    • ‘In fact what you get is altogether more interesting - almost Burgundian in its meaty nose and pale colour, the wash is by contrast concentrated and vegetal, with mild minty notes.’
    • ‘As a cheaper alternative, the following wines are made by Burgundian winemakers using the traditional grape varieties already featured.’
    • ‘They do not work, you end up making Burgundian wine and not as well because our climate and conditions are so different.’
    • ‘Throw in a green salad along with something Burgundian.’
    • ‘The gourmet Burgundian chef Bernard Loiseau, 52, was found dead from shotgun wounds at his home last week.’
    • ‘Tancer's outstanding Pinot Noir has a Burgundian, almost Volnay-like balance and finish.’
    • ‘A peace treaty was signed in 1305, but the Flemish struggle against France would last until Flanders was acquired by the Burgundian ruling dynasty under Philip the Bold in 1384.’
    • ‘A further question is: How long after a Netherlandish artist arrived at a foreign court did his works continue to be perceived as Burgundian and when did they enter the local vernacular?’
    • ‘Bordeaux merchant houses must start cutting deals not only with their Burgundian brothers but with New World partners.’
    • ‘King Matthias Corvinus, a great supporter of the arts, had at his court Italian, Burgundian, Flemish, and German musicians.’
    • ‘His eyebrows were arched, his lips were pursed into a tiny smug smile. ‘Dare I say Burgundian?’’
    • ‘It is only the best Burgundian spots, or terroirs, that have made the best wines in 2001.’
    • ‘But the locals resisted and all fought Conrad's Burgundian and Italian army in a series of bloody skirmishes.’
    • ‘In this taster's estimation, the top Premier Cru vineyards evoke the truest expressions of flavors and aromas that each Burgundian village offers.’
    • ‘As Joan herself recalled during her trials, while her own village of Domremy was predominantly Orleanist, the nearby village of Maxey was Burgundian in allegiance.’
    • ‘Charles had transferred his Burgundian territories to Spain (from Austria) in 1555.’
    • ‘A year later, after a failed attempt to re-take Paris, Jeanne is captured by England's Burgundian allies outside the walls of Compiègne.’
    • ‘Pinot noir is a notoriously difficult variety to grow, especially in the cold and unpredictable Burgundian climate.’