Definition of burghal in English:



  • See burgh

    • ‘The shires, initially tied into the burghal towns for defensive purposes, evolved in the tenth and eleventh centuries into complex legal and commercial provinces, and began increasingly to function as urban hinterlands.’
    • ‘The reconstruction of the burghal system that was set up after 920 is a complex matter.’
    • ‘Unlike many burghal hidage places Chisbury did not develop into a town, and probably - in view of Great Bedwyn's proximity - this was never the intention.’
    • ‘A few of the smaller burghal forts were short-lived and have remained largely undisturbed by subsequent development since their abandonment.’
    • ‘The landholders in these ‘burghal districts’ were charged with providing the men necessary to maintain and garrison the burghs, on the basis of one man from every hide of their land.’