Definition of burger bun in English:

burger bun


  • A flattish soft white bread roll in which a hamburger is typically served.

    • ‘Slice the burger bun in two and spread the surfaces with a little olive oil or butter and bake in oven for 2 minutes.’
    • ‘It offers wheat-free spelt bread, gluten and yeast-free multi-grain bread, and gluten-free burger buns, as well as 100 per cent dairy-free soy cheese.’
    • ‘Then I was informed that they had no burger buns, only regular sliced bread.’
    • ‘A bakery worker died instantly when a large industrial trolley filled with burger buns came off the tailboard of a truck, crushing him.’
    • ‘Today it was a burger-eating contest, held somewhere in America, and we were treated to the sight of a dozen or so people jamming giant burger buns with all the trimmings into their mouths, chewing and gulping all the way.’
    • ‘I serve this on a toasted buttery, or rowie, instead of a burger bun.’
    • ‘With us to discuss what you can't eat, besides burger buns, is Dr Tim Crowe, lecturer in nutrition at Deakin University in Melbourne.’
    • ‘It is about the size of a burger bun and they slice it open sort of like a sandwich.’
    • ‘So large that you really need to eschew the average burger bun and go for something of more generous dimensions.’
    • ‘People all quite happy with bread, they go and make burger buns using rice.’
    • ‘Supposedly created on a day when he'd run out of burger buns, the Luther employs a glazed donut to hold the patty.’