Definition of burbot in English:



  • An elongated bottom-dwelling fish that is the only freshwater member of the cod family, occurring in Eurasia and North America but almost extinct in Britain.

    Lota lota, family Gadidae

    • ‘They have huge expanses of fresh water, noted for the excellence of burbot, among many other species.’
    • ‘Larger and deeper lakes, with oxygenated hypolimnions, will also have one or two larger salmonids, usually lake trout or landlocked Atlantic salmon, along with burbot and slimy sculpin.’
    • ‘Fish that can be found in the lakes and rivers of the region include arctic lamprey, lake trout, lake and mountain whitefish, arctic cisco, longnose sucker, arctic grayling, dolly varden, burbot, walleye, and northern pike.’
    • ‘In outdoor mesocosm experiments, we tested the effects of decreasing shelter availability due to autumn lake-level decrease on the behavior and the growth of two littoral benthic dwellers, the juvenile burbot and the stone loach.’
    • ‘It was now time to go off and check the lines for burbot.’
    • ‘In freshwater, their main predators are burbot, lake trout, eels, bass, walleye, and whitefish.’
    • ‘In mid Zeeland lies Fureso Lake - a real haven for pike, zander, burbot, bream and roach.’
    • ‘Other fishes, such as catfishes and burbots, probably eat the young shovelnose sturgeons.’
    • ‘By mid - summer, most stream sections contain primarily YOY grayling, along with slimy sculpin and burbot.’


Middle English: from Old French borbete, probably from borbe ‘mud, slime’.