Definition of bur-marigold in English:



  • A plant of the daisy family, with inconspicuous yellow flowers and small barbed fruit which cling to passing animals. Several kinds are widespread weeds.

    Genus Bidens, family Compositae: several species, in particular B. frondosa

    • ‘Next of kin to the golden coreopsis, it behooves some of the bur-marigolds to redeem their clan's reputation for ugliness.’
    • ‘Half has been left for the orange foxtail, bur-marigolds (after discussions last year).’
    • ‘In the fall, bur-marigolds, also known as beggar-ticks because their barbed fruit stick to clothing, provide a spectacular display of yellow flowers.’
    • ‘Resulting achenes are numerous, strongly flattened and bear the classic two awns which aid in seed dispersal and give rise to the common names used to describe this species, including beggar-ticks, stick tights and bur-marigolds.’