Definition of buoyancy aid in English:

buoyancy aid


  • A sleeveless jacket lined with buoyant material, worn for water sports.

    • ‘The club has been able to buy a set of boats, paddles, buoyancy aids, spraydecks and helmets.’
    • ‘My advice is to wear a buoyancy aid and take a wading staff.’
    • ‘Here are the essential characteristics of my proposed new buoyancy aid.’
    • ‘I thought of trying to remove my rucksack and use it as some sort of buoyancy aid or step up but that too failed.’
    • ‘In addition to this, buoyancy aids will be available at no cost to parents and children under four at all times at every pool.’
    • ‘To successfully canyon one must wear a particularly attractive outfit comprising a full wet suit, buoyancy aid, lower body harness, elbow and knee pads, which Howie assured us were really just to protect his wetsuits!’
    • ‘After the tragedy 150 lifejackets were supplied to Greater Manchester fire crews to help them during waterborne rescues and buoyancy aids were supplied to each of the 67 pumps in the brigade.’
    • ‘Kitted out with helmets, wetsuits, buoyancy aids and paddles, our team piles into two inflatable rafts, drifting gently downriver.’
    • ‘He can ride a specially adapted bicycle and swim with buoyancy aids but plainly these achievements are of limited significance.’
    • ‘The best way to take up canoeing is to join a canoe club, who will have the essential equipment: boats, paddles and buoyancy aids.’
    • ‘Realise I forgot to pack my buoyancy aid so have to scrounge one.’
    • ‘It's a big river where you need a good strong wading staff, a buoyancy aid and chest high waders to reap the river's rich rewards.’
    • ‘In the wake of an early season rescue on Ullswater, when two people were hauled from the freezing lake by staff on the steamer Raven, the ranger has also stressed the importance of life jackets and buoyancy aids.’
    • ‘You can scuba-dive in the rivers or take part in the hugely popular tours in which you enter the water near the spring and, equipped with wetsuit, buoyancy aid, mask and snorkel, simply drift along in a small party led by a guide.’
    • ‘And for the more nervous or very lame canines, buoyancy aids are available along with a guide pole and adjustable collar.’
    • ‘They opted instead for buoyancy aids, which allow them more arm movement.’
    • ‘The North East Essex Sub Aqua Club has been awarded £2,414 to buy aqua lung sets, buoyancy aids and equipment targeted at younger members.’
    • ‘Wear an approved lifejacket or buoyancy aid appropriate for its intended use.’
    • ‘I've already mentioned the rough, craggy nature of these huge waters so don't forget your buoyancy aids.’
    • ‘A good pair of oars and pins and the wearing of life jackets / buoyancy aids and commonsense is the best safety.’