Definition of bunya in English:


(also bunya pine, bunya bunya)


  • A tall coniferous Australian tree related to the monkey puzzle, bearing large cones containing edible seeds.

    Araucaria bidwillii, family Araucariaceae

    • ‘As the seasons came round, they gathered for feasts of bogong moths or bunya nuts.’
    • ‘Who's for savoring emu, kangaroo, or skate wing dusted with bunya nut?’
    • ‘On the Black Snake trail, there were eucalyptus trees everywhere, but also a couple of famous trees, called bunya pines, that drop cones every three years, something that used to be the occasion for celebrations by Aboriginal peoples.’
    • ‘Although his stand generated much publicity, the fate of the bunya pine and other trees remained uncertain, with last-minute negotiations coming to a close between the city council and Woolworth's at press time.’


Mid 19th century: from Wiradhuri.