Definition of bunny slope in English:

bunny slope


  • A gentle ski slope suitable for beginners; a nursery slope.

    • ‘Although the world's first ski school was founded here a century ago, this is no bunny slope; pack your courage.’
    • ‘‘Hell yeah, I told you I don't need no bunny slope,’ I said raising an eyebrow at him and laughing a little.’
    • ‘Arms outstretched, heads up and torsos erect, we glided down the bunny slope practicing the forward heel glide and the backward toe glide, then learned to link them into wobbly S-turns.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the others were still trudging up that bunny slope, pausing only to look daggers in my direction.’
    • ‘The terrain varies widely from bunny slopes for the beginners, to some of the most challenging, adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, I have ever ventured this weary body on.’
    • ‘Whether you are an avid skier or choose to stick to the bunny slopes, you cannot go wrong choosing this world class resort.’
    • ‘I did the ‘snowplow’ the whole way down the bunny slope (you know, when you invert your skis into an upside down v shape).’
    • ‘You get an all-American rite of passage, gangsta rap, and terror on the bunny slope.’
    • ‘I felt a need to come up with some master plan - a black diamond here, a bunny slope there - to make the most of my mountain.’
    • ‘It was now our second day of snowboarding, and I was cruising down the bunny slope.’
    • ‘We had just finished their lessons, and were just about to go down the bunny slope by ourselves.’
    • ‘And a fairway or two at his Red Hawk Ridge would make a good bunny slope.’
    • ‘Whether they're bunny slopes or double-black-diamonds, ski runs are permanent clearcuts.’
    • ‘There is a special beginners' area, replete with bunny slopes, free drag lifts and the reward of a confidence building blue run after a couple of days.’
    • ‘‘Not only do you have to ski good, but you also gotta look good,’ my instructor said as I putted down the bunny slope, mentally correcting her grammar.’
    • ‘Tykes as young as 3, dressed in ski suits bright as jelly beans, slide happily down the bunny slope.’


bunny slope