Definition of bungler in English:



  • A person who habitually bungles things; an amateur.

    ‘the government is evidently a bunch of bunglers’
    • ‘But these are bad times for organised crime in America - its popularity is down, and the public are more likely to view perpetrators as laughable bunglers rather than coldly efficient professionals.’
    • ‘These Brits are either bunglers, incompetent, mean-spirited, or they have no minds of their own.’
    • ‘However, when the crowds arrived on Saturday morning the USGA looked like incompetent bunglers to the 10,000 or so of paying punters trying to get into the Bridge Gate.’
    • ‘My experience is that they are such bunglers that such an offer would be highly irrelevant.’
    • ‘Contrary to the Hollywood stereotype, the Nazi armies were far from being filled with rigid bunglers.’
    blunderer, incompetent, amateur, bumbler, botcher, clown, hopeless case
    mutt, butterfingers
    bodger, prat
    jackleg, spud
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