Definition of bundobust in English:


(also bandobast)


mass nounIndian
  • Arrangements or organization.

    ‘why all these big crowds and strict police bundobust, he wondered’
    • ‘The Mumbai Police has organised a tight bandobast outside the BEST and BMC headquarters at Colaba and CST respectively.’
    • ‘Well we did, and this time the policeman at the first bandobast allowed us to go to the hotel for lunch.’
    • ‘The traffic bandobast seemed quite elaborate and it amazed us that this was done four times a week up and four times a week down.’
    • ‘Police bandobast was tightened after these clashes between the two communities.’
    • ‘As Honey came back with a plate of ‘bhurji’, a group of policemen, who were probably on bandobast duty for the Independence Day, surrounded her.’
    • ‘Little did they know that you would have been appalled if you came to know that police bandobast for you was causing so much hardship to laypeople.’
    • ‘On the night of December 7 he had dinner at his parents' home and heard the news about the police bandobast and violence which had started in the Bhendi Bazaar area.’
    • ‘Vijay desperately tries to plug all possible loopholes in the bandobast around Delhi's airport, but neither the Intelligence sleuths nor the Police are able to hunt down Jalauddin and his men.’
    • ‘Our overworked, underpaid police have enough on their plates - morchas, bandobast, routine crime, VIP security and so on.’
    • ‘All they achieve is photo ops, sound bites and a major bandobast that totally totals rescue operations.’


Urdu, from Persian band-o-bast ‘tying and binding’.