Definition of bunchflower in English:



  • A North American plant of the lily family, with yellowish-green flowers.

    Melanthium virginicum, family Liliaceae

    • ‘Melanthium virginicum, Virginia bunchflower, is a perennial herbaceous forb of wet, mesic prairies.’
    • ‘Chamaelirium is an erect, somewhat fleshy herb, perennial, and belongs to the bunchflower family (Melanthaceae.)’
    • ‘The preserve provides habitat for over two dozen state-listed plants, including yellow sedge, crinkled hairgrass, water avens, bunchflower, autumn willow, and green cotton-grass.’
    • ‘Another similar plant I discovered recently is Virginia bunchflower, also in the lily family.’
    • ‘Examples of this correspondence include mollusks on carbonate residuum, purple spurge on gneiss regolith, and cardamine, yellowood, and bunchflower on boulder fields of metasandstone.’
    • ‘Virginia bunchflower is known historically from wet-mesic prairie in 17 counties located primarily in west-central Illinois.’
    • ‘Plant communities typically featured sparse herb and shrub layers, which often included the following species: black huckleberry, falsebox, false azalea, prince's pine, twinflower, bunchflower, and rattlesnake plantain.’