Definition of bumfluff in English:



mass nounBritish
derogatory, informal
  • The first beard growth of an adolescent.

    ‘only the tiniest amount of bumfluff grew on his chin’
    as modifier ‘this lot, all spots, bumfluff goatees, jogging pants, and T-shirts’
    • ‘He was 21 and burdened by nothing more than a bit of bumfluff, some puppy fat and a great-coat, of the kind worn by Smiths fans and budding thesps for the entire duration of their drama-school degree course.’
    • ‘It was a boy with the face of a fourteen year old and matching bumfluff.’
    • ‘Think Gomez with the indie bumfluff brutally shaved off (with a cut-throat, natch…) or Calexico with more tunes.’
    • ‘The musketeer-style bumfluff appeared just days after David's.’
    • ‘Destined to remain boyish in looks for his whole life, he gives his best shot at a bumfluff beard and an Irish accent and he hangs in there.’
    • ‘Yeah, and calling it ‘post-hardcore’ makes it sound like some kiddie's genre where they've all not shaved for a month in the hope their cumulative bumfluff makes them look like they're grown up.’
    • ‘I even learned that fuzzy bumfluff doesn't regrow like hair in other parts.’