Definition of bumbag in English:



  • A small pouch on a belt, for money and small articles, worn round the waist or hips.

    North American term fanny pack
    • ‘The tracksuit bottoms, white sneakers and bumbag suggest jock, while the glasses and near-mullet hairstyle scream geek.’
    • ‘Wouldn't you check that you had put it in your handbag / bumbag / jacket pocket/flight bag etc. together with your money/travellers cheques/medical insurance/flight tickets before you left home?’
    • ‘Mobility is the key to success, your rod and reel, a bumbag or small knapsack with a few lures, a Mars bar, a water bottle and a torch is all you need to enjoy those early morning hours before the world is awake.’
    • ‘He finished 29th out of 72 runners in 65.34 which, since earlier he appeared to be struggling to clip his bumbag round his expanded waist, did not displease him.’
    • ‘Make yourself comfortable when walking, take just the minimum of gear in a good bumbag with a Mars bar and a flask of fruit juice so that the walking is easy, the fresh salt air is just great and the exercise does you good.’
    • ‘He has a loudspeaker in a bumbag and a microphone on his helmet and he essentially just calls to me where to go.’
    • ‘In today's parlance, it looks like a bumbag that's been shifted north.’
    • ‘The Nightingale School pupil has to wear a bumbag containing a special drug which is fed into her system everyday to prevent her having an iron overload in her blood.’
    • ‘Adams was wearing a bumbag containing £162 in cash and several scantily-clad women were in the same room.’
    • ‘Ugly, unshaggable ones mostly, holding their German boyfriends' Ferrari flags, lumpy bumbags bobbing on lumpy bums.’
    • ‘I don't like bumbags and money belts are a great alternative.’
    • ‘We must have been approaching 50 or 60 km/h when I felt a pair of little hands clutching at my bumbag.’
    • ‘In America, looking like a trashy skank does not mean you don't have a bit of cash in your bumbag.’
    • ‘My mum carries the kitchen sink wherever she goes and that is why she is such a bad rider: because she feels the need to carry our house in her bumbag which is very heavy and she is always off balance because of it!’
    handbag, shoulder bag, clutch bag, evening bag, pochette
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