Definition of bum-rush in English:



[with object]US
  • Suddenly force or barge one's way into.

    ‘fans bum-rushed record stores’
    • ‘The only way we got a meeting, we basically bum-rushed the White House.’
    • ‘Go anywhere near them and they'll bum-rush you.’
    • ‘Please keep twaddling while I press this button which will alert the restraining orderlies of their need to come and bum-rush you.’
    • ‘As Jake presented Tony with the coveted trophy and the check, Tony's band Hell on Earth bum-rushed the stage, broke the video screen, and fumbled around for a while.’
    • ‘But it really burned them that I defied their authority and stayed with that girl, so the little bullet-heads got it in mind to bum-rush me out of the joint.’
    • ‘Duke vs. Texas in East Rutherford, N.J. Sorry if we injured anybody while bum-rushing the Blue Devils bandwagon.’
    • ‘That turnaround seemed to come during his string of sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden in the early nineties, which featured boys bum-rushing the stage to envelop a clearly thrilled Morrissey.’
    • ‘My flatmate, whom I will call Flatmate X (for Xtreme), has just been struck by a deadly breath of the dragon - there are plots afoot to bum-rush Flatmate X.’
    • ‘The Genie is Luis Monterossa, a passionate, socially aware San Francisco expatriate who turned a lot of heads in this city when he bum-rushed the 2002 DMC Championships and gave the audience an unexpected treat.’
    • ‘At the end of the session, he was bum-rushed by several 17-year master sergeants, like groupies at a rock concert, eager to paw one of his business cards and hear his perspectives on other topics.’
    • ‘The duo bum-rushed the shocked staff and gallery patrons with as much grace and style as a stick-up man at a corner liquor store.’
    • ‘He hit the ground running, bum-rushing a pirate that took cover behind a twisted engine from an old-style shuttlecraft.’
    • ‘With lyrics like ‘integrity finally won over desire,’ and spoken poems with lines like ‘feminism ain't about equality, it's about reprieve,’ it's not shocking the crowd bum-rushed the stage, leaving security baffled.’
    • ‘I mean a conceptual David Duval - an arriviste who's been on the brink for a while, then runs the table for a couple of months, bum-rushing the top five like Double D did in late '97 and early '98.’
    • ‘It's where commerce bum-rushes art; it's where the funky meets the freaky, where the farmers market meets the meat market.’
    • ‘We gonna bum-rush tha courthouse an' bust our homie out.’
    • ‘But a party that bum-rushes its opponents before they have had a chance to present their views to the electorate, that engages in underhanded, behind-the-scenes maneuvers has predicted its own demise in the democratic arena.’