Definition of bullring in English:



  • An arena where bullfights are held.

    • ‘This season is crucial for her, since she needs to succeed as a matador in first-class bullrings, as she has as a novillero.’
    • ‘He leapt into a bullring at the age of nine and began his professional career at the age of twelve.’
    • ‘Forty thousand bulls are slaughtered in Spanish bullrings every year in the most horrific of ways.’
    • ‘This does not include the subsidies given to individual bullrings by local and regional councils.’
    • ‘Tickets prices vary considerably depending on the bullring, the bullfighters and the occasion.’
    • ‘Like the matador in a bullring, the more the crowd cheers, the more he will entertain.’
    • ‘Two years earlier he had made his debut in the bullring as a rejoneador, a bullfighter on horseback who carries a lance to kill the bull.’
    • ‘They were the Picadors, the pariahs of the bullring.’
    • ‘They must never have faced a man on foot before they enter the bullring.’
    • ‘Tickets are available from street sellers for €25, though we bought two for €30 from one of the many vendors outside the bullring about ten minutes before the bullfight.’
    • ‘At the end of the 19th century there were three bullrings in Barcelona, now there is just one left.’
    • ‘The Spanish national sport of bullfighting originated in Andalusia, where Spain's oldest bullrings are located (in Seville and Ronda).’
    • ‘One week later, the youngster was jolted into a new world of mountains, crowded markets, bullrings, and spectacle.’
    • ‘Four years later, in the large bullring at the town of Puerto de Santa María, near Cádiz, he faced six bulls in a bullfight fought in honour of women.’
    • ‘Bullfighting as we know it today, started in the village squares, and became formalised, with the building of the bullring in Ronda in the late 18th century.’
    • ‘Although there are still supporters of bullfighting, only the Monumental bullring now holds fights in the Catalan capital.’
    • ‘The course ends in a bullring where the toros were to face matadors in the afternoon.’
    • ‘Finito has spared many bulls throughout his career in bullrings such as Córdoba, where the admiring fans have made him feel the true pride of a true matador.’
    • ‘Penicillin, in fact, saved so many lives in its early days that statues of Alexander Fleming were erected at many bullrings around Spain.’
    • ‘Early reviews invoking the album's ‘Southwestern’ influences should be forgiven; surely they meant southwestern Spain, home to the Andalucia province and its many bullrings.’