Definition of bullocky's joy in English:

bullocky's joy

(also bullocky's delight)


mass nounNZ, Australian
  • Treacle or golden syrup.

    ‘we had thick slices of home-made bread spread with bullocky's joy’
    • ‘We could relieve the monotony of marmalade jam with bullocky's joy.’
    • ‘When dad was a boy, Bullocky's joy, The only jam they knew, Was treacle black.’
    • ‘There was a wagonette load of jam, treacle and bullocky's joy in one corner of our store.’
    • ‘Up until then, they had had only treacle, which was known as bullocky's joy.’
    • ‘The bread was no good because it had to be made in bullocky's joy tins.’


Early 20th century: from bullocky + joy.