Definition of bullock driver in English:

bullock driver


NZ, Australian
  • A person who controls a team of bullocks used as draught animals.

    ‘she sold whip-ends to bullock drivers’
    • ‘This stability however masked an intense social and geographic mobility on the part of numerous individuals, be they miners, hawkers, carpenters or bullock drivers.’
    • ‘Consider the now vanished skills of bullock drivers and timber cutters in the hardwood forests.’
    • ‘There was much hardship felt by individuals such as miners, woodcutters, bullock drivers and storekeepers.’
    • ‘The uproar was heard by bullock drivers out in the countryside.’
    • ‘He worked as a bullock driver on Nilpena Station.’
    • ‘He's working bullock teams, showing what a good bullock driver can do with the right commands.’
    • ‘The noise would have been almost deafening at times from the crushers and boilers and the screaming and cursing of bullock drivers.’
    • ‘The continuous lack of rain worried the bullock drivers who relied on fodder growing on the sides of the tracks.’
    • ‘He was one the earliest pioneers, in the Northern Flinders Ranges, who cashed in on the trade provided by the passing bullock drivers.’
    • ‘He became a bullock driver in the Barossa Valley.’