Definition of bullock's heart in English:

bullock's heart


  • The edible fruit of a tropical American custard apple.

    The tree is Annona reticulata, family Annonaceae

    • ‘Sample the sweetness of spring and enjoy pineapple bullock's hearts and loquats from Taitung, muskmelons from Qigu, nectarines from Lala Mountain, and litchis from Dashu Township.’
    • ‘Of lesser importance, but found occasionally in garden areas, are the soursop and bullock's heart (Annona muricata and A. reticulata), avocado, and jambolan.’
    • ‘The presence of many terpenic compounds is thought to contribute to the unique flavor of the bullock's heart fruit.’
    • ‘With other terpenes, it is thought to contribute to the unique taste of the Cuban bullock's heart fruit and it appears to be an odorant in Muscadet wines.’
    • ‘Other names in use are sweet sop (in contrast to the soursop), and even cherimoya (a misleading error, since the bullock's heart has less flavour than that excellent fruit, and is also inferior to the sugar-apple).’
    • ‘Here's where you can find seeds and information on such oddities as the Bengal quince, candlenuts, mountain soursop, monkey puzzle trees, bullock's heart, lipstick trees, jackfruit, Natal plums, Chinese jello, ice cream beans, and hundreds of others.’