Definition of bullfighter in English:



  • See bullfight

    • ‘At a single gravesite in a cemetery on the northern fringe of Sevilla lie the mortal remains of three of the most successful bullfighters this century.’
    • ‘At first glance, bullfighting seems simple: Bull bucks rider, bullfighter jumps around in front of bull.’
    • ‘In Ronda's famous Pedro Romero bullring he fought three-year-old bulls for the first time and in Nîmes in France he faced a four-year-old bull and qualified as a bullfighter.’
    • ‘Then the first of three banderilleros (usually older bullfighters who form part of the matador's team) individually run towards the bull making him charge.’
    • ‘Tickets prices vary considerably depending on the bullring, the bullfighters and the occasion.’