Definition of bulldog bond in English:

bulldog bond


  • A sterling bond issued on the UK market by a foreign borrower.

    • ‘It can also invest a portion of its assets in interest-bearing securities of other governments and private issuers, such as sterling Eurobonds and bulldog bonds, where interest is generally paid gross.’
    • ‘CFOs can also consider yen-denominated bonds (Samurai Bonds) and sterling-denominated bonds (Bulldog Bonds), depending on the perceptions of the interest rate and exchange rate movements.’
    • ‘For example, we have seen creative design in the bond market. The U.S had ‘Yankee bonds’, while the UK issued ‘bulldog bonds’. In Asia, investors can find ‘Panda Bonds’ in China.’
    • ‘These sterling bonds are referred to as bulldog bonds as the bulldog is a national symbol of England.’