Definition of bulldog bat in English:

bulldog bat


  • A fish-eating bat that has long legs and very large feet with sharp claws, native to Central and South America.

    Noctilio leporinus, family Noctilionidae

    • ‘This species is commonly referred to as the bulldog bat due to their resemblance to large mormoopids except for the existence of large upper lips in place of a moustache.’
    • ‘Examples of this include the bulldog bat, who has adapted to catch fish, or the infamous Desmodus rotundus or vampire bat which survives primarily on the blood of mammals.’
    • ‘The bulldog bat, also known as the Mexican bulldog bat, lives mainly on a diet of small fish.’
    • ‘The bulldog bat is also called the fishing or fisherman bat.’
    • ‘The tail of bulldog bats runs through the uropatagium for about half the length of the membrane, then exits dorsally, and the terminal part of the tail is free.’