Definition of bull huss in English:

bull huss


  • another name for nurse hound
    • ‘What looked like a cross between a tope and a bull huss looked decidedly unhappy and I had to run over and get a glimpse of the biggest fish I had ever seen taken from the shore.’
    • ‘Whole calamari squid receives some favour in certain areas, but, as for bull huss, it does benefit from being bound on tightly to a pennel rig; a pair of 4 / Mustad Vikings does the trick and will hold most fish we are likely to catch.’
    • ‘This produces conger to 40 lb plus and big bull huss.’
    • ‘In the bull huss the nasal flaps (a flap of skin between the nasal openings on the snout and the mouth) form two distinct lobes, whereas the lsd has a single lobe.’
    • ‘You can't say it about most species of sea fish, but the bull huss has actually increased its numbers over the past five years along the UK west coast.’
    • ‘Big conger eels and bull huss feed in these deep spots on mackerel and squid baits fished hard on the bottom with heavy gear; the biggest pollack do often come to big conger baits.’