Definition of bull fiddle in English:

bull fiddle


  • A double bass.

    • ‘The instruments vary from mouth harps in pockets to bull fiddles strapped on top of cars.’
    • ‘I've seen bands with flaming bull fiddles, bands with satanic go-go dancers, and lots and lots of bands who think they're Double Trouble but until last night I had not seen the finest rock this town had to offer.’
    • ‘Grabbing her bull fiddle by the horns and slapping it as mean and hard as any of the ‘big boys’, Lil'O'Dette will yodel and stomp her way around in a mean pair of cowgirl boots.’
    • ‘The flotilla of bull fiddles was stripped for action - then someone decided it was time.’
    • ‘Sensing my surprise at finding a violin amidst the gaggle of reeds and brass and bull fiddles, she offered to play me a tune.’
    • ‘Kessler rides his bull fiddle with a steady finesse and practiced prowess that immediately lassoes the ear from the sternum-rattling strains of ‘Monon Line.’’
    • ‘Music for Double Basses by Samuel Headrick, while scored for eight bull fiddles, configures its performers in unusual fashion.’
    • ‘And while we're on the subject of bull fiddles, anyone had the opportunity to check out the new bass-centric box set from Dust-to-Digital?’
    • ‘Return to the time of the old Sun sounds, where country met rockabilly featuring the mighty fine singing & strumming of Noray Gulian, Paulie ‘the Kid’ Bignell twanging on the full bodied guitar and ‘Doghouse Dave’ slappin' & a thumpin' on the big bull fiddle bass.’
    • ‘Daniel Brita took over on the bull fiddle and Simon plays rhythm guitar.’
    • ‘Some of the boys had bull fiddles and tin pans; others pounded the house with boards and hammers, and two shot guns were kept going as fast as they could be loaded.’
    • ‘Once More, With Feeling has none of the stealthy purr-and-scratch of music-world wit; rascals are roughnecks, megalomaniacs commit mayhem, bull fiddles see red.’
    • ‘On the 50th anniversary of Hank Williams death, Kathleen Walls meets up with the man who slapped his bull fiddle for Hank's Drifting Cowboys in the 1940s.’
    • ‘While he nearly always plays the bull fiddle with them, he can also play the banjo, guitar, flute, piccolo, piano and organ.’
    • ‘Knives, knuckles, grease, girls, cars, guitars, bull fiddles and leather, all the trappings of a live fast, die young desperate rock 'n' roll act.’
    • ‘Jari Paksunen came to play acoustic guitar and Pete Salomaa changed his electric bass to a bull fiddle.’
    • ‘The neck on the bull fiddle joins at what would correspond to the 10th fret on a guitar or bass.’
    • ‘Hearing voices approaching, Fanny hauls a bull fiddle out of its case, jumps in and closes the lid.’
    • ‘Sculptural dunes have peculiar sands that sound like bull fiddles when jumping or sliding down them, canyons conceal desert elephant, oryx, baboons and lions that prey on fur seals.’
    • ‘Hey Jag - there was an ace gig at the Rep last night - double bass player (forget his name) - Man he made that bull fiddle sing.’