Definition of bull bar in English:

bull bar


  • A strong metal grille fitted to the front of a motor vehicle to protect it against impact damage.

    • ‘My parents live in the country and don't own one; wake up you city-dwellers driving your utterly unsafe, top-heavy, roll-prone personal tanks bristling with cyclist-slaying bull bars!’
    • ‘These included creating a specific body to investigate road crashes and banning retro-fitted bull bars.’
    • ‘I would describe them as wheelchairs with bull bars.’
    • ‘Remove bull bars because they pose a needless additional risk for pedestrians’
    • ‘But one piece of legislation that can't come too soon is a ban on bull bars.’
    • ‘Options include front passenger airbag, ABS brakes and a variety of bull bars.’
    • ‘But one piece of legislation that can't come too soon is a ban on bull bars, an outrageously vicious addition especially in urban London.’
    • ‘We know that type of bull bar is very aggressive to unprotected road users.’
    • ‘Consider the size and positioning of driving lights, winch, number plates and particularly bull bar air flow.’
    • ‘The styling and sleek lines offered these days are a million miles away from the aggressive ‘come on then, if you want a fight’ models with their bull bars and in-your-face bodywork.’
    • ‘And I'm one, if hit by the proverbial SUV with bull bars tomorrow, I'd leave everyone behind in a state of total confusion.’
    • ‘It doesn't have all those bull bars and monster-truck looks of some off-roaders.’
    • ‘In such situations I would applaud if the bus driver turned into the traffic and bounced a couple of SUVs off the road using pre-fitted giant bull bars.’
    • ‘His organisation is also calling for a ban on the use of bull bars on all vehicles and compulsory use of lights during daytime driving.’
    • ‘Officers are also trying to trace a larger car, possibly a 4x4 with bull bars, which struck the victim from behind.’
    • ‘Once you have weighed up the pros and cons of all the cars on offer, buy an enormous four-wheel drive with bull bars, spotlights and a satellite navigation system.’
    • ‘One day I might get around to polishing the bull bar.’
    • ‘A nice mid-90's, three-quarter ton Ford truck, turbo-diesel four by four, with front bull bar, roll bar and winch.’
    • ‘Another witness said the accused had come to him for a new bull bar, and replaced his own more stylish bull bar with a heavier model.’