Definition of bulk modulus in English:

bulk modulus


  • The relative change in the volume of a body produced by a unit compressive or tensile stress acting uniformly over its surface.

    • ‘The material properties for the different regions included the bulk modulus, thickness, and density.’
    • ‘They then calculated both the shear modulus and the bulk modulus, which are measures of the mineral's ability to deform when squeezed or bent in different ways.’
    • ‘The coefficients of the constitutive relation (the bulk modulus, for example) determine the nature and degree of the material's response to strain.’
    • ‘A related quantity, the bulk modulus, is defined as the reciprocal of the compressibility.’
    • ‘X-ray diffraction patterns revealed the spacing between osmium atoms in the sample at different pressures, data that gave a bulk modulus of 462 GPa, compared to diamond's 443 GPa.’