Definition of bulk buying in English:

bulk buying


mass noun
  • The purchase of large quantities of a particular product or products, typically at a discount.

    ‘private transport is essential for bulk buying at supermarkets’
    • ‘Significant savings are projected if the two organisations follow through with the plan to combine their purchase of extremely costly media advertising space in foreign media and so benefit from bulk buying.’
    • ‘While his patronage has been welcomed by many (not least the artists who have benefited from it), others have been critical of the way in which his bulk buying has given him such power in the art market.’
    • ‘Reduce health costs through innovative ideas like bulk buying of pharmaceutical drugs, strengthen the Canada Health Act to prevent public funds from going to private, for-profit hospitals and services.’
    • ‘In the United Kingdom, NHS provision can reduce costs through bulk buying and discounts from pharmaceutical manufacturers.’
    • ‘Bigger companies can reap greater economies of scale, such as bulk buying, global brands and lower overheads as a proportion of revenue.’
    • ‘In 1993 the relaxation of duty-free allowances when crossing borders within the European Union led to widespread loss of trade to British wine merchants as consumers crossed the English Channel to take advantage of bulk buying in France.’
    • ‘No panic, no bulk buying, no drama at all really - just the barely tangible signs of a City's building anxiety.’
    • ‘If there are savings to be achieved through bulk buying, they would come on the generic side of the industry, he said.’
    • ‘Not only must there be some real advantage to the buying public and store owner alike, but bulk buying will squeeze profit margins to almost naught, if not into negative numbers, as the price to pay for merely getting onto a store shelf.’
    • ‘At the same time, the cost of concentrates has been stable and in many cases farmers have been able to reduce concentrate costs by bulk buying and the timely purchase of ‘value for money’ ingredients.’
    • ‘The 13-year-old group uses bulk buying to purchase fertilizer, feed, fuel and dairy chemicals at competitive rates.’
    • ‘They say if authorities arrange for some bulk buying with a facility to pay in instalments, then they will follow the directive.’
    • ‘Subsidies and bulk buying are old-school ideas.’
    • ‘The bulk buying of players of the same nationality is not new, as foreign players often hunt in groups.’
    • ‘The breaking of the net book agreement was also a factor because it helped the cause of bulk buying and some prices started plummeting.’
    • ‘The Queensland government has suggested that for not-for-profit organisations, one possible answer would be to co-ordinate the bulk buying of insurance.’
    • ‘The system is used to oversee the bulk buying of produce for the health services and also to monitor payments.’
    • ‘It's okay to save money with bulk buying and large packages, if you repack the food in smaller bags.’
    • ‘I already wrote something about my penchant for bulk buying and the purchase of unnecessary items in large quantities.’
    • ‘This is made worse by the inability to offer discounts gained by bulk buying, which larger chains can arrange.’