Definition of bulk bill in English:

bulk bill


  • (of a doctor) choose reduced fees paid directly by the government via the Medicare system, rather than bill patients fully and bear the cost of billing.

    no object ‘some doctors are saying they currently can't afford to bulk bill’
    with object ‘more than 60 per cent of his consultations are bulk billed’
    with object ‘many GPs are still refusing to bulk bill pensioners’
    • ‘The first rule limited the number of times a person could bulk bill.’
    • ‘They want to give GP's increased rebates if they bulk bill 80 per cent of patients and all children.’
    • ‘GPs would still be free to bulk bill anyone they chose and to set fees.’
    • ‘The $5 bribe offered to doctors who provide the service for the minority will hardly cover the paperwork and there is now no incentive at all to bulk bill the rest.’
    • ‘I'm sure some would not require a co-payment - just like some doctors bulk bill.’
    • ‘Any pressure on GPs to bulk bill is unacceptable.’
    • ‘Neither myself nor my partner have been bulk billed for any consultation in at least two years - maybe longer.’
    • ‘We continue to bulk bill some examinations.’
    • ‘People in the electorate can rarely find a doctor who continues to bulk bill.’
    • ‘Only one of 14 doctors in the town bulk bills.’