Definition of bulk-buy in English:



  • See bulk buying

    • ‘All she had to do was bulk-buy some Olde English 800 malt liquor, Colt 45 beer, and soda, and advertise the party.’
    • ‘Only its prices will stop me from shopping there on a regular basis; a consideration that unfortunately didn't factor when we decided to bulk-buy bacon and eggs that would have been a quarter of the price at Costco.’
    • ‘Bigger businesses also have the advantage of being able to bulk-buy, and therefore sell goods more cheaply and still make a decent margin.’
    • ‘If Qantas wants to bulk-buy and distribute them free to its patrons, why should they not count as paid circulation?’
    • ‘It is barely credible that they will not have bulk-bought fuel to offset the recent price hikes.’