Definition of bulimic in English:



  • Relating to, characterized by, or suffering from an eating disorder marked by bouts of overeating, followed by fasting or vomiting.

    ‘for years she was bulimic’
    ‘the development of bulimic behaviour’
    • ‘When it came to anorexic or bulimic girls, I wouldn't book them until they got better.’
    • ‘She assured me that, although she was competitive, she wouldn't become a bulimic supermodel who ate only chocolates.’
    • ‘Like many bulimic sufferers, she was empowered by feeding others, and enjoyed cooking.’
    • ‘About three percent of these go too far and become anorexic or bulimic.’
    • ‘Is it from years of being around all those drugs, and generally being a bit bulimic all the time?’
    • ‘The article referred to the actress's suffering bulimic episodes, but her publicist denies that she has ever had bulimia.’
    • ‘More and more women are becoming bulimic, succumbing to the desire for food, and then repudiating it.’
    • ‘I was lying alone in bed after my usual bulimic binge.’
    • ‘People often become bulimic because they are unhappy or insecure.’
    • ‘It seems to be okay to call someone sick for adopting an anorexic and/or bulimic lifestyle, but a person who overeats is accepted for their unhealthy habits.’


  • A person suffering from an eating disorder marked by bouts of overeating, followed by fasting or vomiting.

    ‘a recovering bulimic’
    • ‘The young singer was a bulimic who basically starved herself to death.’
    • ‘Because of the relatively normal weights of bulimics, it may be difficult to identify physical signs of the disorder.’
    • ‘She binges and purges like a seasoned bulimic.’
    • ‘After bingeing and purging, a bulimic feels depressed or guilty.’
    • ‘Specifically, serotonin increases satiety responses, which are impaired in bulimics.’
    • ‘You know, we can make fun of everything, but not bulimics.’
    • ‘Bulimics often acknowledge their thoughts as unreasonable, irrational, and uncontrollable.’
    • ‘The actress has revealed she was a bulimic for 50 years.’
    • ‘Bulimics suffer heart attacks, ulcers, hair loss, and permanent organ damage.’
    • ‘Many bulimics do not accept that they have a medically dangerous problem.’