Definition of bulbil in English:



  • A small bulblike structure, in particular one in the axil of a leaf, which may fall to form a new plant.

    • ‘This species has sweet and palatable bulbs and also bears clusters of bulbils at the flower head.’
    • ‘It can reproduce both asexually and through aerial bulbils, which is another reason for its high rank in impact.’
    • ‘The fine, young leaves of sprouted garlic bulbils look like newly sprouted grass.’
    • ‘A unique feature of this flower is that the bulbils appear in the leaf axils.’
    • ‘If you look closely at the flower head you can see lots of bulbils forming - each one of those will grow into a new plant if it gets the chance.’


Mid 19th century: from modern Latin bulbillus, diminutive of bulbus ‘onion, bulbous root’.