Definition of building line in English:

building line


  • A limit beyond which a house must not extend into a street.

    • ‘He says only that he does not intend to expand the building lines or confiscate new land for settlements.’
    • ‘The members here know we are committed to achieving this and we have retained a building line for the back entrance.’
    • ‘The building line is more than 84 feet away from the mound at the base of the tower and some 33 feet further away than the proposed line in the previous application.’
    • ‘He found there was no problem with the Wendy house itself, but its siting on the gable end of the house put it beyond the existing building line and within 20 metres of the highway put it in breach of national planning rules.’
    • ‘At the back, the house is pulled away from the building line to create a space for the smallest of gardens.’
    • ‘A cubic white box was constructed ‘to provide an end for the terrace’, which steps out of the building line and contrasts with the existing red-brick finish.’
    • ‘It's sort of like laying different transparencies on top of each other - say, one layer for road lines, another for building lines, and another for residential lot lines.’
    • ‘The double yellow lines, which run outside your house, are enforceable from the centre of the highway to the building line, which includes the pavement.’
    • ‘The structures encroached over the admissible building line.’
    • ‘The building line is 83 ft from the base of the mound.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that in several places, the building line starts from the retaining wall of the drain.’
    • ‘Planning officers stated that visibility for drivers emerging from the access was substandard due to the building line of adjoining cottages.’
    • ‘The frame is primarily for occupant security as the building line is close to the street.’
    • ‘Councillor Crane said the village was one hundred per cent against the development because it appeared to be in front of the existing building line from the Swan pub to Brayton Parish Church.’
    • ‘Its simple form was largely determined by statutory requirements and building lines.’
    • ‘Long colonnades run along the edges of the classroom blocks, formed by pulling back the lower floors from the building line, so that zones of shade and circulation are created underneath the overhanging upper floors.’
    • ‘The existing building line would be continued up to the gable of the new dwelling, and the pattern of openings on the front elevation would be reflective of the row.’
    • ‘Most of the old shacks have been demolished and an unbelievable amount of new apartment blocks have been allowed to be built, more or less on the old building lines.’
    • ‘They say the proposals will not harm the Grade One listed St Michael's Church opposite even though they involve reducing the width of Spurriergate by re-establishing the old street frontage building line.’
    • ‘The City's department provides geographic feature maps and detailed information including density, height zone, parking requirements, building lines, full area report and zoning certificates on all Johannesburg properties.’