Definition of build-up in English:



  • 1usually in singular A gradual accumulation or increase, typically of something negative that leads to a problem.

    ‘the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere’
    • ‘This sex hormone stimulates a build-up of the lining of the womb and the growth of spiral arteries into this thickened lining.’
    • ‘It may have an effect on the heart's function, meaning that it doesn't pump as well, causing a build-up of fluid.’
    • ‘As you live by the sea, it is very important that you do not allow a build-up of salt to accumulate on the new plaster before you paint it.’
    • ‘In hot, dry areas, salt build-up in reservoirs has led to saline waters that ruined farmland.’
    • ‘The Pocklington problem was a build-up of sanitary debris, which blocked a filter at an approved overflow point.’
    • ‘The tremendous build-up of pressure caused it to break which led to Mr McKenna's death.’
    • ‘They attribute it to the tremendous build-up of water pressure, high winds and power outages.’
    • ‘It may also increase the body's capacity to reduce the build-up of lactic acid.’
    • ‘But the more it goes on, the more it encourages a build-up of household debt.’
    • ‘It's an inflammatory bone condition that causes a build-up of poisons that erupt into painful skin abscesses.’
    • ‘The use of sprays can lead to an indoor build-up of large quantities of carcinogenic vapours.’
    • ‘The disorder is associated with a build-up of the oxygen-related molecule hydrogen peroxide in the skin.’
    • ‘If you have a chimney, get it swept at least once a year, and fit guards over the stacks to prevent a build-up of combustible material.’
    • ‘This, in turn, might increase the possibility for build-ups in the cooler parts of the kiln system.’
    • ‘Slow circulation leads to a build-up of waste products, but can be stimulated with dry skin brushing.’
    • ‘The demand for extra current leads to a heat build-up in cables and equipment and can cause circuit breakers to trip out and cut the power.’
    • ‘It had earlier been feared the man could cause an explosion in the building because of the build-up of fumes from the spilled petrol.’
    • ‘They must regularly wipe the hard drive to prevent the build-up of information on hidden files.’
    • ‘We started getting a build-up of smoke in screens two and three because it was being pulled in through the air conditioning units.’
    • ‘Mr Smith stated that mud and stones from roads could also have contributed to the recent build-up in debris found in gullies.’
    increase, growth, expansion, spread, enlargement, escalation, development, accumulation, proliferation, multiplication, snowballing, mushrooming
    accumulation, building up, accretion, gathering, amassing
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  • 2usually in singular A period of excitement and preparation before a significant event.

    ‘the build-up to Christmas’
    • ‘The changes will prove particularly timely in the build-up to the busy Christmas period.’
    • ‘In the build-up to the new season a contingent of York players took part in the Bradford Chess Congress.’
    • ‘That didn't stop us from enjoying the build-up to one of the biggest games we have ever prepared for as a nation.’
    • ‘The Australian had a superb build-up to last year's Tour de France and lived up to that billing with a stunning outing.’
    • ‘The build-up to a major event is really exciting, that's the fun bit, but when you're there it's quickly over.’
    • ‘The Manchester ace has been guilty of winding himself up, or allowing others to wind him up, in the build-up to past fights.’
    • ‘It will also show a special documentary capturing the build-up to the big day.’
    • ‘Although I was just the youth and reserve coach, I enjoyed the whole build-up and aftermath.’
    • ‘But arguably his finest fortnight came in the build-up to last year's French Open.’
    • ‘Can you talk us through your thoughts over the winter and in the build-up to this race and this season?’
    • ‘A straw poll of traders showed most would take advantage of the extra day in the Christmas build-up.’
    • ‘I'm enjoying the build-up to Christmas about as much as the build-up to exams at school.’
    • ‘In the build-up to this year's showcase event, all the talk had centred on who would face Australia to win the honours.’
    • ‘As a build-up to the event, the faction has announced rallies in all the districts of the State.’
    • ‘We've been watching a steady build-up of the Argentine air force over the past year.’
    • ‘This new technique was the talk of the circuit for days in the build-up to the race.’
    • ‘It is the focus of the first week of any Olympiad and in Athens that will be no different despite a fraught build-up to the event.’
    • ‘Parents undergo their own share of stress as the build-up to exam-time takes its toll.’
    • ‘We had enjoyed a grand build-up, we were winning in a number of positions and we were making a number of chances.’
    • ‘This was reported when his Bulls teammate was at the centre of a race row in the build-up to last year's World Cup.’
    publicity, promotion, advertising, puff, marketing, propaganda
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