Definition of Buffalo wings in English:

Buffalo wings

(also Buffalo chicken wings)

plural noun

North American
  • Deep-fried chicken wings coated in a spicy sauce and served with blue cheese dressing.

    • ‘There's time for a stop at the Anchor Bar for some original Buffalo wings, but remember who we are talking about.’
    • ‘It seems crazy to refer to Buffalo wings, steak swimming in Alfredo sauce, and bunless double cheeseburgers as ‘diet food.’’
    • ‘There were homemade mozzarella sticks, deviled eggs, and Buffalo wings.’
    • ‘And I don't even like Buffalo wings all that much.’
    • ‘What's there to do besides eat authentic Buffalo wings and go to Niagara Falls?’
    • ‘Madame ordered Buffalo wings as a starter, followed by chicken tikka, while I went for the minestrone soup, to be followed by the 180 gm sizzling sirloin steak.’
    • ‘At Old Glory, traditional fried-and-sauced Buffalo wings are available, but a signature twist they also offer are wings that have been marinated and baked before being finished over an oak-fired grill.’
    • ‘More and more people are eating chicken products on the run in the form of chicken strips, leftovers from the night before, chicken nuggets, Buffalo wings and popcorn chicken.’
    • ‘For lunch, Tracey had a veggie burger and I had Buffalo wings (very spicy) and pizza.’
    • ‘The appetizing aroma of Buffalo wings and mashed potato with Maria Russo's special gravy filled the small room.’
    • ‘So, what about offering, along with the Buffalo wings, nachos and chips and salsa, a small crudité appetizer?’
    • ‘I had added extra dishes like Buffalo wings and some boiled lemon shrimp and fried scallops.’
    • ‘Mine is ‘The Bird’ - Buffalo chicken wings, blue cheese dressing, scallions, jalapenos on a white pie.’
    • ‘In the last few years, restaurateurs - inspired in large part by the rising popularity of Buffalo wings, which are traditionally accompanied by a bowl of blue cheese dressing - have begun to offer ranch as a dipping sauce.’
    • ‘For most, bar food means dishes like Buffalo chicken wings, fried cheese, fried stuffed jalapenos and the many variations on the nacho that dominate today's bar food scene.’
    • ‘They're all finished with school, and they're all here for the boneless Buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks.’
    • ‘The atlas that I had highlighted several key places in the Buffalo area, including places to get authentic Buffalo wings.’
    • ‘You can still get their ‘famous’ Buffalo chicken wings.’
    • ‘From the traditional chip-shop to the more flamboyant restaurants, which have on offer such exotic dishes as American Buffalo wings, New-Zealand mussels, roast quail or crayfish.’
    • ‘With few exceptions, you're in the land of Buffalo wings, bread sticks, and cheesy bread.’