Definition of budgerigar in English:



  • A small gregarious Australian parakeet which is green with a yellow head in the wild. It is popular as a cage bird and has been bred in a variety of colours.

    Melopsittacus undulatus, family Psittacidae

    • ‘Why has my budgerigar started plucking out its feathers, and how can I stop it?’
    • ‘There was, though, a happy outcome for the budgerigar, who survived the proceedings and has now found a home in Cumbernauld.’
    • ‘The birds concerned include exotic tropical birds such as parrots, cockatoos, finches, budgerigars, hawks and falcons.’
    • ‘However South came out blazing in the third quarter and made the Eagles feel a little like budgerigars.’
    • ‘The show should only consist of budgerigars, canaries, zebra finches, Bengalese finches, pigeons and captive bred British birds.’
    • ‘The decision came after one breeder in Middlesbrough lost his entire collection of more than 200 budgerigars, stock he had built up over many years.’
    • ‘As the Core Team would rather see birds in the wild than in cages, I'm not going to discuss the budgerigar's fitness as an animal companion.’
    • ‘Finches, canaries and budgerigars do not need as much attention from their people and so may be an option for those with busy life-styles.’
    • ‘Also in residence are peacocks, budgerigars, chickens, iguanas, pigs, sheep, goats, a boa constrictor and a tarantula that was brought to the home by a businessman in a helicopter.’
    • ‘Forebrain nuclei similar in structure and location have also been found in the budgerigar (an Australian parakeet).’
    • ‘In the wild, said Arnold, budgerigars perform courtship displays in the early morning, when sunlight contains the highest proportion of UV light - the time when their feathers would glow the most brightly.’
    • ‘Your budgerigars can also obtain exercise outside the cage while under your supervision - if they are hand-tamed to fly in a familiar, controlled room.’
    • ‘Pupils at a primary school have a new classmate - a bright yellow budgerigar called Lucky.’
    • ‘Nine of the 11 patients with chronic BFL disease raised budgerigars, and the remaining 2 patients bred pigeons.’
    • ‘The probability that a pneumonic illness in a budgerigar owner is due to psittacosis increases when the patient says that a pet bird has recently died.’
    • ‘Hundreds of fine feathered budgerigars flocked to the city to help celebrate a major milestone in the York and District Budgerigar Society's history.’
    • ‘When a clutch of four budgerigar chicks hatched out one sunny September day in 1999, it was a happy occasion for their breeder.’
    • ‘It's a little bit bigger than a budgerigar and about the same size as a lorikeet.’
    • ‘The first step in ensuring that your budgerigars get sufficient exercise is to house them in an appropriately sized cage.’
    • ‘To determine whether fluorescent feathers were indeed more appealing, Arnold and her colleagues applied sunscreen lotion to the crown feathers of male and female budgerigars.’


Mid 19th century: of Aboriginal origin, perhaps an alteration of Kamilaroi gijirrigaa (also in related languages).