Definition of Buckley's in English:



in phrase have Buckley's luck" or "have Buckley's chance
NZ, Australian
  • Have little or no chance of doing or achieving something.

    ‘the vehicle had Buckley's chance of stopping’
    • ‘Therefore, if one has a matter which is over $10 000, one has Buckley's chance of having it heard in the Industrial Magistrates Court.’
    • ‘I need to put this on record because I am supposed to be hosting that concert and I think I have a Buckley's of doing that.’
    • ‘In short, they feared that they had Buckley's chance of making a success of it.’


Late 19th century: sometimes said to be from the name of William Buckley (died 1856), who, despite dire predictions as to his chances of survival, lived with the Aborigines for many years.