Definition of buckler fern in English:

buckler fern


  • A European fern with deeply divided lobes and with stalks that are typically covered with brown scales.

    Several species in the genus Dryopteris, family Dryopteridaceae

    • ‘There were plenty of ferns in the wood, but they were mostly male fern or common buckler fern, with a good number of hard ferns along the path-sides.’
    • ‘Some of the rare plants to benefit from the Project will include limestone fern, baneberry, soloman's seal and rigid buckler fern.’
    • ‘The native broad buckler fern is a deciduous fern to 80 cm x 80 cm usually found in moist situations in native woods, commonest on acid soil.’
    • ‘The understorey is dominated by cherry laurel, and the herb layer by woodrush, hard and buckler ferns; there is also a good cover of mosses and lichens.’
    • ‘Honeysuckle, fraochan, wood sorrel, bugle, blue-bell, few-flowered woodrush, royal fern, hay-scented buckler fern and foxglove all occur on the forest floor along with numerous mosses and liverworts.’