Definition of buckjumper in English:



NZ, Australian
  • See buckjump

    • ‘In later years the Merry Muster Association had its own herd of top class buckjumpers which ran on Brightlands and Devoncourt Stations throughout the year.’
    • ‘Jack & his Dad used to do a lot of blacksmithing, and as a young man Jack rode countless buckjumpers in his old poley saddle.’
    • ‘In his early teens he was breaking-in homebred Thoroughbreds for the racetrack and Australian Stock Horses for the polocrosse pitch, as well as getting flung off the odd buckjumper or two at the local rodeo!’
    • ‘Their bulls and buckjumpers have made many a cowboy shake in his boots and we meet the legendary ‘Bambi’ who is now retired on the family property, heading up the breeding program of future champion buckers.’
    • ‘When Buddy yarned to various people, he'd say; he'd never known a rider, (woman or man), as talented as Kitty when dealing with a horse, and more particularly, a buckjumper.’