Definition of bubinga in English:



mass noun
  • Reddish-brown timber used chiefly for inlay work and as a veneer.

    The timber is obtained from several tropical African trees of the genus Guibourtia, family Leguminosae

    • ‘That's why bubinga is used in pianos and guitars.’
    • ‘The segmented vase is made of 2,017 pieces of bubinga, figured hard maple, and wenge.’
    • ‘It's 48’ x 30’ and I'm not sure if the yellowish tint is from the finishing agent or the camera, but I've never seen bubinga have yellow like this.’
    • ‘Some amazing veneer showed up in the shop today; one bundle was some great quilted bubinga that made me think of a top for a hall table.’
    • ‘The Peace Kahuna is all bubinga - 9 plies of hand selected bubinga for tune, volume, and sheer strength.’


A local name.