Definition of bubbler in English:



US, Australian
  • A drinking fountain.

    • ‘I wanted to skip down the hallways, but decided that probably wasn't a good idea because I would likely end up passed out in front of the water bubbler and because the staff would probably send me to a psychiatric ward.’
    • ‘Walking through the Library trying to get oriented to Smith and feeling rather forlorn in that class oriented environment, I came across a man at a bubbler consuming water in plenty.’
    • ‘She was thirsty, and noticing a tap she went up and turned it on, drinking from it as though it was a bubbler.’
    • ‘Audrey, who started her school career in the Kindergarten class this year, said that she learned something very important on her first day: ‘The bubblers are really good on hot days like this.’’
    • ‘Mr. Blythe from the council noted that some lights have been installed and more may be added later on; some fencing has been constructed; a bubbler installed; and a bank of toilets are being constructed along Speed Street.’