Definition of bubblejet printer in English:

bubblejet printer


  • A form of inkjet printer in which the ink is heated, producing bubbles which force droplets of ink on to the paper.

    • ‘All inkjet and bubblejet printers should be serviced every 18 months to maintain optimal printing quality.’
    • ‘Therefore, inkjet and bubblejet printers should not be used especially for printing labels to apply to the outside of the envelope.’
    • ‘The drops of ink that come from the piezoelectric type printer are significantly smaller than those of the bubblejet printers, allowing for greater control over the image quality.’
    • ‘Most common inkjet printers today are bubblejet printers, a spin-off from the original inkjet printers.’
    • ‘Well known in Ireland for cameras and lower-end bubblejet printers, the company also makes a large range of printers and multi-function devices aimed at the middle and high end of the market.’


bubblejet printer

/ˈbʌbldʒɛt prɪntə/