Definition of bubblehead in English:



  • A foolish or empty-headed person.

    • ‘I really do think Madison is stereotyped… she's like, a bubblehead - that's my word for those stereotyped ditzy people.’
    • ‘Here she plays a surprising variation on that wordly-wise persona: Although Roxie is a bubblehead in many ways, Rogers nevertheless invests her with the sass and survival instinct of her smarter roles.’
    • ‘Next, Lisa talks less like a Columbia grad student writer and more like a bubblehead (‘Oh, my God, that makes like so much sense!’)’
    • ‘Mia Farrow has the task of playing a semi-talented bubblehead, and it is a testament to her genuine acting skill that she generates our sympathy for Sally White.’
    • ‘Kidman plays a prototypical bubblehead who is only smart when she decides to turn back clocks for breakfast or to magically change the spending level on a credit card.’
    • ‘They expected me to be a party girl or a bubblehead - a fact that had come in brilliantly handy as I'd become more and more talented at improvising.’
    • ‘I knew she couldn't be the bubblehead the mainstream media make her out to be.’
    • ‘‘If they are bubbleheads,’ Kevin muttered, ‘you'd fit right in.’’
    • ‘Included were these memorable lines: ‘We've never done it that way before,’ ‘We're not ready for it yet,’ ‘What bubblehead thought that up?’’
    • ‘Associated with them are a few others, people who aren't bubbleheads, but have spent too much time in their company for some of it not to have rubbed off.’
    • ‘But anyone who knew me knew I wasn't a bubblehead.’
    • ‘So, toward the end of the play, when Handke hurled insults at ‘us,’ we were more delighted by the word play (‘You bubbleheads, you atheists, you butchers, you deadbeats’) than hurt or shocked.’
    • ‘But ignoring the headlines and calmly looking at the facts reveals a different story than do the bubbleheads of the mainstream media.’