Definition of bubble bath in English:

bubble bath


mass noun
  • Liquid, crystals, or powder added to bathwater to make it foam and have a fragrant smell.

    ‘the gift baskets included bubble bath and champagne’
    count noun ‘avoid toiletries such as bath oils and bubble baths’
    • ‘Add some soothing music, soft lighting and naturally scented bath salts or bubble bath to create an inexpensive and convenient spa experience in the privacy of your own home.’
    • ‘As it ran I poured some rosemary bubble bath in and watched it foam like twinkling clouds.’
    • ‘Included were CD's, movies, bubble bath… I hesitated as I reached for Tyler's gift.’
    • ‘Thank this angel with an array of products: bubble bath, body lotion, a loofah, and all-natural perfume or essential oil.’
    • ‘Glass containers or other fragile items are not recommended for obvious reasons and liquids such as blow bubbles, shampoo, bubble bath or aerosols are not appreciated either.’
    • ‘It creates foam in shampoo, shaving creams and bubble bath.’
    • ‘You don't have to buy her another bottle of perfume; most scents come in ranges that include luxury body lotions, bubble bath and talcs.’
    • ‘Skiing on stage was not without its problems - in 1991 the skis had to be laminated with bubble bath and would emit bubbles on contact with water on the slope.’
    • ‘The school was awarded £150 to spend on science equipment and the children were each given a certificate and goody bag, including bubble bath.’
    • ‘This bubble bath smells gorgeous and it can also be used as a perfume.’
    • ‘Products available include shampoos and conditioners, bubble bath and shower gel, soap, salts and bombs for the bath, body lotions, hand and foot creams and a selection of gift boxes.’
    • ‘Beside the tub was a shelf filled with bubble bath, shampoo, conditioners, odd bath gels, lotions, and powders.’
    • ‘She could smell strawberry bubble bath on his skin.’
    • ‘It had a shower and a separate whirlpool complete with several colorful bottles of shampoo, bubble bath, and sweet-smelling soaps.’
    • ‘We're just selling shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath at this time.’
    • ‘Perhaps buy some expensive body lotions or bubble bath.’
    • ‘It's almost impossible to buy soap, shampoo or bubble bath which does not contain synthetic sodium laurel sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate.’
    • ‘But these warnings are not required on shampoo, shower gel or family bubble bath, all of which can legally contain four times as much formaldehyde.’
    • ‘Besides the wider range in pulsations from the jets, the motor for an air-jetted tub is less noisy, and you can add bath oils, bubble bath, sea salt or therapeutic herbs with abandon.’
    • ‘Why is it that no matter what color of bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?’


bubble bath